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Imperial Commands
Imperial Commands
Brevet Master Bolingen's massive boots crunched loudly as he stepped up beside Sergeant Scolirus, kneeling beside a brother marine not long for the world. His voice gravel, Bolingen spoke while staring at the dying marine: "Orders are in. We proceed directly to Neschen and engage." Looking up slowly, Scolirus' dead eyes gazed into Bolingen's face mask for a moment before flatly replying "For the Emperor." and turning back to his comrade. Bolingen stood in silence another moment, then turned on his heels and walked away slowly.

Imperial Commands is a set of tokens and markers usable in many science fiction and modern era miniatures games. Place them down with models and units to track morale breaks, damage, forced marches, and other orders and status changes. Each token is one inch square, and stands out on the battlefield without being distracting. All of the tokens are available below as free PDF downloads, with five colors offered: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and White. Short guides are also below on using these tokens for Warhammer 40,000: Fifth Edition, and for making easy-to-play versions of the tokens using foamcore.

Defeat the Xenos, Burn the Heretic!

The following are the icons included in Imperial Commands:

Infantry Status and Orders

Imperial Commands: Yellow Infantry Tokens

Vehicle Status and Orders

Imperial Commands: Yellow Vehicle Tokens

Use the following icons to download PDFs of the token sheets in your favorite colors:

Imperial Commands: Unit Fired
[ Red ]
Imperial Commands: Weapon Destroyed
[ Yellow ]
Imperial Commands: Wound
[ White ]
Imperial Commands: Weapon Destroyed
[ Green ]
Imperial Commands: Gone to Ground
[ Blue ]

The PDFs may be displayed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 6 or later), a free download available from Adobe. Each PDF is about 2.8MB and should download in a few seconds on a typical broadband connection.


Click to view a larger version.

Imperial Commands: Token Pile
A pile of assembled tokens.
Imperial Commands: Blue Tokens!
Blue token sheet; download PDF above for better print quality, but click on image for quick look.
Imperial Commands: A Rumbling War Automaton!
The War Automaton barely lumbers on, its joints squealing in rust and filth, but its power axe swings smoothly, mercilessly, without pause...
Imperial Commands: Scolirus and Bolingen ready for battle!
Sergeant Scolirus and Brevet Master Bolingen brace for a simple expedition turned into a distinct bad day!

The fastest way to start using Imperial Commands is to simply to print out a sheet, cut it up, and play with paper tokens. But, to make a great looking, nice feeling set of tokens that will really stand out in any match, follow our assembly guide:

Imperial Commands works well for a number of awesome miniatures games, but is particularly suited for Warhammer 40,000: Fifth Edition. Notes on possible uses of the tokens in 40k are available here:


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