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Centre Rock
A game of territory, defense, and pushing the other guy around! Your footsoldiers will stop at nothing to gain control of The Rock for you, but you must manage shifting alliances, plan ahead while striking now, and catch good fortune to be victorious...

Centre Rock is an abstract strategy game in which 2--4 players vie for control of The Rock. Each player commands a squad with striker (pikeman), two archers, and two melee units. Movement is hex based, and each unit type may attack a particular pattern of surrounding cells. Games take 45--90 minutes.

Centre Rock is currently available as a free-to-download print & play game!
Centre Rock by Rocketship Games

There are three files available to download for Centre Rock:

Note that the piece pack contains a pattern to make an optional Centre Rock specific die. Although it looks cool, fairness and probability recommends the use of a normal D6 as described in the rules.

Assembly Instructions

Detailed instructions and pictures are available here, but these are the basic steps:

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Click on these or the photo above for high-res versions.

The first page of the rules and another photo of the assembled downloadable pieces.

A fully painted and terrained version of Centre Rock.

A version using the downloadable board and spray painted figures.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

In short terms, Centre Rock is free for unlimited, personal, non-commercial use. That means the rules themselves, written instructions, artwork, etc. If you're interested in producing Centre Rock on a larger scale, get in touch!