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Kolony is a large collection of 3D printable terrain for 28mm sci-fi miniatures wargaming. Its aesthetic and gameplay features are roughly oriented for Corvus Belli's Infinity, but it works well for a wide variety of sci-fi and modern miniatures wargames. The project was launched by a successful Kickstarter, several packages are available on DriveThruRPG, and a few samples are on Thingiverse (direct links to packages & samples are below).

Kolony Table.
Table filled out with just some of the Kolony terrain.
Renders & Prints

Preview renders of all the models are available here. Photos of sample prints are available here.


Several Kolony samples are available for free download from Thingiverse:

Though not strictly from Kolony, several closely related Rocketship Games designs are also free downloads on Thingiverse:


Kolony packages released on DriveThruRPG, with more on the way:

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All Kolony 3D designs are copyright and all rights reserved to Joe Kopena and Rocketship Games. Permission is granted to licensed customers to print Kolony elements solely for personal use.