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Beta Station

Take the part of a cavalier relic hunter in a derelict space station, searching for lost technology while fighting off hidden terrors and competing treasure seekers in an exciting tabletop adventure! Beta Station is a fast playing, casual sci-fi exploration and shoot 'em up boardgame for 2--5 players.

Beta Station has simple rules, a light theme, and generally runs 40--60 minutes. It has several unique mechanics, particularly featuring a novel map construction scheme. Players build the abandoned space station together at the start of the game, secretly placing treasures throughout. This adds a strategic aspect to exploration based on the players' partial knowledge of the map that isn't present in typical "flip-a-tile" dungeon crawl games.

After extensive development and revision, Beta Station is undergoing some final playtesting of the rules writeup before pursuing a Kickstarter to manufacture physical copies. The playtest prototype is available below as a print & play game and will always be available as a free download.

Playtest Print-and-Play
Get Adobe Reader!

You can read the rules and create your own print-and-play copy of the Beta Station playtest prototype draft using the files below and a D6 laying around your house!

Beta Station playtest print & play components and rules.

Print & play game chits and a particularly gruesome map tile.

All materials are copyright 2004--2014 and all rights reserved to Joe Kopena, Daryl Falco, and Rocketship Games. Permission is granted solely to print individual copies of Beta Station's components for personal use.