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Data Targets

Data Targets is a collection of objective markers for 28mm sci-fi wargames. It was specifically designed to suit Corvus Belli's Infinity miniatures game and the standard missions in its Infinity Tournament System (ITS). However, they work well for a wide variety of games, including Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 and others.

STL files to print Data Targets on your own are available via DriveThruRPG. A successful Kickstarter campaign was also previously held to physically produce sets of 3D printed Data Targets.

Some of the objectives and markers in the collection.
Fusiliers storm onto a beacon objective.
A tech-coffin with the datacube not yet extracted.
Group shot render.

Need missions to play with these objective markers? Check out our RECON+ packet for Infinity firefights.


All Data Targets 3D designs are copyright 2017 and all rights reserved to Joe Kopena and Rocketship Games. Permission is granted to licensed customers solely to print copies of Data Targets components for personal use.

Figures in the sample photographs are for demonstration purposes only and are copyright Corvus Belli.