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Gold Leader
Wake up, gold leader... You're our last hope.

Gold Leader is a traditional pixel art space shoot 'em up, kept lean and simple for players looking to just dive in for a couple minutes now and then and blast things in their spaceship. Players take the part of Gold Leader, sent to stop an oncoming enemy invasion in a super tough, old school mission with several required objectives.

Easily the best game I have seen on FGL so far. The piece reflects and projects legit understanding of what it wants to do, it is evident that it is being made by people who love and play this style themselves, and the fact that it is a rigorous and MEAN shooter, makes it an eminent declaration already.
--- First Impressions reviewer
Gold Leader sitelocks will be available in late January 2013!

Gold Leader was sponsored by in January, 2013. Check out the game and reviews on their site! GameShed offered a standard primary sponsorshop, with sitelocks to be available in two weeks from publication. Contact us if you are interested in having a branded version of Gold Leader for your site!

Notable Features

Technical Details
  • Dimensions: 600x660
  • File Size: 3.1M
  • Flash Version: 10.2

Sponsors, please contact us about test driving and/or sponsoring Gold Leader Flash or Mobile!

Gold Leader screenshots. Click for full-size.