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Kill Team Tokens

This is a collection of free, unofficial print-and-play tokens for Games Workshop's Kill Team skirmish game in its Warhammer 40,000 universe. Three styles and six colors are available in the PDFs below:


The tokens are laid out in (American) standard 8.5"x11" sheets for home or office printing. Each PDF has all the styles for one color and you simply print which pages you want (make sure duplex printing is off!).

The tokens are sized and arranged such that they can be cut out easily with a hobby knife (the square & rectangular tokens are recommended for this), or punched out quickly with 1" square or circular hole punches.

These tokens will be useful right away in a pinch if you just print them out on regular paper & cut them out. But here are three easy options to give them more heft and durability:

Note that the guide lines between the tokens is very thin and may not display at some zoom levels, but should appear once zoomed in or printed.

Tokens of Glory

There are fifteen token types in this collection---


Kill Team Unit Action Markers
Track which models have already taken an action this phase so the sneaky buggers don't try to go again, and to remember constraints imposed by actions taken earlier in the round.


Kill Team Unit State Markers
Mark shaken, wounded (for multi-wound figures like a Primaris Marine), or grievously injured models.


Kill Team Unit Special Markers
Special tokens can be used as reminders of effects from spells, abilities, terrain, or mission rules.


Kill Team Unit Mission Markers
Track initiative order (helpful in multi-player games), and fight for conveniently numbered objective markers.


Download PDFs of the token sheets in your favorite color(s)---

Kill Team Tokens---Blue
Kill Team Tokens---Orange
Kill Team Tokens---Red
Kill Team Tokens---Green
Kill Team Tokens---Black
Kill Team Tokens---yellow
Action Shots
Kill Team Heguro in action.
Kill Team Heguro in action; tokens simply printed on cardstock & cut with a hole punch.
A pile of tokens ready for play.
Tokens printed onto label paper, cut with a hole punch, and affixed to blue plastic tiles.


Creative Commons License
This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It has been produced using solely open source tools.


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