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Ke'ssai crouched behind the crude rubble barricade. His hooves trembled with the clamorous approach of the humans' ugly, stinking, smoking vehicles. In that moment, he realized he hated them. He hated them for their violence, and he hated them for what they'd done to his world. But most of all, he hated them for teaching him to hate.

Legacies is a multi-player narrative campaign for 40k skirmishing using our Recon Squad rules. Players choose from one of eight legacies, such as Bodyguards or Excavators, representing the particular skills of their squad. They then fight to complete special missions supporting their alliance in that battlefield role. All the players then meet in the Cataclysm, a final team battle bringing together all of the squads and their storylines.

In the PDF are extensive notes for the organizer and all the materials needed to run Legacies as either a casual campaign or a narrative tournament, such as results cards and player records. The campaign has been designed to work well over either a few evenings or a single-day. It is finite and short in order to come to a definite conclusion before the campaign can lose momentum and players. The mechanics are not tied to any detailed story, making it easy to apply any background story and connect the campaign to other events.

Legacies has been used for a number of events run by the Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts (PAGE). The missions are also the basis for the 40k Narrative Recon Squads track at the NOVA Open wargaming convention. To see Legacies in action, check out these battle reports from PAGE events:



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