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Alien Altars
Alien Altars
Lucius awoke to absolute darkness, only faint hints of starlight twinkling in the inky black swirling about his eyes. His outstretched arms and legs moved not at all when commanded. Worse, his chest armor had been cracked open somehow, pulled apart to expose his all too soft flesh. As he lay there, attempting to reengage his extremities, a subtle flickering hint of red light began to rise along the ground below him. Diverting his powerful senses to analyzing this change, Lucius began to discern distant chanting, ever so slowly making its way toward him...

Every gaming board needs a few centerpieces of terrain to bring some drama and narrative to the table's background. This article presents templates and a tutorial walkthrough for constructing a fun piece of exotic terrain suitable for fantasy or science fiction gaming: A small ziggurat with altars upon which all manner of otherwordly sacrifices and offerings may be made. Only readily available tools and material are necessary and it is a relatively simple project suitable for beginning terrain constructors.

Use the links below the photo to download the templates and follow the walkthrough.

Alien Altars

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Alien Altars
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