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Keto System
Keto System
Before the empire caught flame, Keto System was a quietly bustling agro/mining outpost. Afterward, only charred husks of planets and asteroids remained. Now they drift through space forever, immortal lonely markers of the history of man.

Keto System is a small pack of freely downloadable, printable scenery largely meant for spaceship combat games. It includes some planets, suns, space phenomena (no battle is complete without weird field effects!), and a collection of generally useful chits and markers. License is granted for unlimited non-commercial use---just download and print!

Sample Pages

Click to view larger version; download PDF to print.

Keto System: Asteroids!
Keto System: Planets!
Keto System: Chits!!!

Follow these steps to construct amazing Keto System space terrain of your very own!

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